Relics of Gods won the E3 2015 Best Mobile Game award


Liana Kerzner, from

With recently-opened offices in San Mateo, California, Chinese gaming giant Seasun is a brand new player in the North American and European markets. Despite concerns by some analysts of market saturation in mobile gaming, Seasun is investing heavily to go big with its first offering for Android and iPhone: Relics of Gods.

If you’re tempted to stop reading because Relics of Gods is a mobile game, do yourself a favour and give this free-to-play a chance. What designer Qiang Wang handed me on an iPhone 6 was more like a PC game than some candy-coloured match three time waster. With a team of writers researching Western mythology, music recorded at Skywalker sound, and established talent like art director James Zhang (World of Warcraft, Clash of Clans) and composer Mark Griskey (KOTOR II, Marvel Heroes) Relics of Gods is a sword and sorcery epic full of rich lore, over a dozen unique playable champions, and four very different gameplay modes.

Relics of Gods
These modes are a story-driven PvE mode, a 3v3 PVP “Matching” mode, a practice mode where you can try out new characters against bots, and “Epic Mode,” which allows players to engage in the most cinematic moments of story mode, interacting through swipe gesture quicktime events instead of full combat. These gameplay modes are in line with Seasun’s philosophy that Relics of Gods is a game for everyone.

The character roster’s mix of warriors, monsters, mages and femme fatales reminded me of SoulCalibur mixed with Everquest. Characters are a mix of front line fighters and support characters, and that factors into the tactics of the 3v3 mode. Some sex negative feminists will likely squawk about the outfits on some of the female characters while cosplayers will delight in them, and that’s how it should be.

Female characters are strong, battle-ready heroines.

The Relics of Gods in question are artifacts called Soul Stones, pieces of the bodies of dead gods. Soul Stones grant powerful unique abilities, but also factor into the core story: the heroically aligned characters want to restore the gods, while the evil characters want to use the Soul Stones to become gods themselves.

Speaking through an interpreter, developer Qiang Wang insisted numerous times that the game will be fair, not pay-to-win. I assume the money will roll into this free-to-play game via purchased game points, points which can also be earned by playing. Intelligence and co-operation are designed to be the keys to success, and decisiveness was important too: the rounds are timed.

But where Relics of Gods gets really exciting is the ongoing content roll outs. New content for existing character stories will be delivered to players every few weeks, and every two to three months they’ll release a new character. Qiang Wang said “We want to share the joy of gaming with everyone around the world. We want the whole world to know our passion for games. We’re fanatics.”

Metaleater agreed, and rewarded Relics of Gods with our E3 2015 Best Mobile Game award.

RoG producer Liu Xi receives winner of best Mobile Game of E3

Relics of Gods will run on iPhone 5 and higher and android devices like the Samsung 4 and higher. A future PC/Mac version is also in the works. The game will launch in North America in August 2015.