Self-publishing your mobile game has never been easier. Publishing a SUCCESSFUL mobile game has never been harder. Over 500 mobile games are published EVERY DAY on iOS. Think of The Hunger Games, but with less bloodshed and more marketing heartbreak.

Want to stand out from the crowd? Then, spend more of your precious time developing the best mobile game possible, while we lay the groundwork for your success!

We seek creative mobile games that have the potential to offer players a rich social experience — games that challenge communities and players to work together.

At Seasun, you’ll benefit from the knowledge pool and financial backing of a successful, world-class, international gaming studio. We can also dedicate the personal attention and hungry ambition of a startup to the promotion of your mobile game. Our company is uniquely situated to provide you both!

Submit your game today! We’ll be happy to evaluate your project and give you our feedback.

At Seasun, we provide a diverse array of vital, best-in-class, publishing services, such as:


Seasun Games works with the best developers in the world. If you’re one of them, start the conversation with us today.

Community Management

Development & Investment Funds for Mobile Games

Expert-Insight Data Analytics

Marketing & Promotions for Mobile Games in Western Markets


Multi-Platform Distribution for Mobile Games in Western Markets

Soft Launch & Beta Launch Support

Substantial Resources & Support for Mobile Games

User Acquisition (Paid & Unpaid)

World-class QA & Product Management

Our Process for your Mobile Game:

Step 1


Approval for your mobile game

Step 2

Soft Launch

  1. Validate & Optimize your mobile game
  2. Test your game in low CPI secondary markets for baseline retention metrics
  3. Test your game in primary markets
  • Goal #1 Hit baseline retention metrics
  • Goal #2 Optimize until LTV>CPI

Step 3

Live Launch

  1. Launch your game in primary markets
  2. Unlock primary UA funding when 90d LTV>CPI
  • Goal #3 Success!