Partnership with Canadian developer BKOM opens up opportunities for award-winning game to reach global market

Seasun Announces Partnership With BKOM

Today, Seasun Games, announced that it will be publishing BKOM’s flagship title, Little Lords of Twilight. The collaboration between Seasun and BKOM will allow the title to reach audiences across the globe. The companies will work together to grow and improve the award-winning game in many fun and exciting ways.

“We are very excited to be working with the talented group at BKOM. The team is working on some inspired changes to help us bring LLoT to a wider audience. We have a lot to show you, so stay tuned!” said Michael Powers, General Manager, Mobile Game Publishing at Seasun.

Little Lords of Twilight is a turn-based strategy game where players battle each other with eccentric heroes and collectible cards. But the fun doesn’t stop there — Players will also encounter a day and night cycle which dramatically alters hero appearance and skill functionality.

“LLoT fans will be very pleased when they see what we have in store for them!” said Frederic Martin, CEO and Founder, BKOM Studios.

The title will be unveiled on iOS and Android devices this fall.