As the next leading global mobile games publisher, we are looking for games with the potential to deliver meaningful, immersive, multiplayer gaming experiences to their players. If you have a game project that fits that description, your game could become our flagship to expand our reach throughout North America and Europe.

We are open to mobile games of all genres. We can support you with a world-class team of experienced game professionals and our best-in-class mobile game distribution strategies.

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Little Lords Of Twilight

Little Lords of Twilight

A surprisingly deep turn-based RPG that takes pieces of the strategy genre and weaves them into its tactical underbelly. It’s bright, it’s clever, and with card-collecting mechanics thrown in as well, there’s an awful lot here to sink your teeth into.

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Brave Cross

A side-scrolling action strategy RPG set in the Far East, you must join forces with your allies against the overwhelming forces of the tyrannical Zion. Traverse the lands and recruit an unlikely ensemble of heroes to save the kingdom!

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Ships of Fury

Sail the seas, discover new lands and prove your worth as a voyager! Gather your heroes and ships and tear your enemy a new hole! Challenge and defeat foes and giant monsters that stand in your way, and conquer the waters!

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Relics of Gods

Relics of Gods is a free-to-play turn-based multiplayer online battle arena. ROG will be Seasun’s first game released for the North American and European mobile markets.

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JX Online 3

Six years of detailed development for a large scale 3D novel online game eventually unveiled a massive, majestic, and ornate martial arts film-based world. Utilizing legendary martial arts and Eastern action concepts, this game leads the way for the modern 3D martial arts era!
Seasun’s own independent foray into 3D martial arts online games not only achieved the traditional martial arts’ moves of ascension into water, sudden speed changes, and gliding in the sky, but also developed some completely new traversing systems paired with ancient techniques. The new engine technology can also create a realistic day/night loop with meteorological and astrological phenomena. The game includes environmental interactions such as plants, collision special effects, and unique “sensory simulations” to allow players to experience the lifelike motion of this new world!

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JX World 2

Improved by Xiaomi, this is a laid-back 2D martial arts online game developed with the latest technology.
JX World 2 is Seasun’s spearheading team’s 2D swordsman epic opus. While optimizing the Swordsman series, there were numerous core functions being worked on at the same time to exploit the all new concepts and create the realistic ultimate 2D image effect. As for the gameplay, it is definitely all about new, powerful online gaming methods. With a total Xiaomi redesign, it is, at its core, “1 part epic and 4 parts intense challenge.” Zero responsibilities, one-key access, a social manager, and one system to play all, this is the most relaxing 2D epic online game to date!

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