Empire Defense III

Set in the lands of ancient Chinese legends Empire Defense III offers players the opportunity to become one of the legendary Chinese warriors. Spectacular visual battle effects, intense fights and unique gameplay make it the most original tower defense on Google Play. The most exciting global tower defense saga introduces its full third version of the game with new unique graphics, hundreds of new landscapes, and new powerful heroes to collect and level up.

Remained Top 20 for over a week. Marketing budget: $5m.

Brave Cross

Based on China’s famed Three Kingdoms chronicles, a real-time strategy Brave Cross aims to bring this ancient tale, in its own fantastical adaptation, to global audiences. With a bevy of wacky heroes from mechs to flame-fisted brawlers, you seek to free the lands from the clutches of an evil sorcerer. Brave Cross made waves in its initial reception in China and Taiwan: praised for its lush colors, fast combat pace and gameplay that combines familiar systems and new twists, it is poised to tackle the global market in Seasun’s overseas expansion efforts.

Started at Top 5 for five days and remained Top 20 for the next 2 weeks. Marketing budget: $10m.

Journey to the West 3D

The mobile game of the full title Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons 3D was authorized from the original movie under the same name. The movie was produced and directed by Stephen Chow, and became a huge hit at the box office with 1.2 billion revenue. To inherit the great work of Mr. Chow, the original art team from JX Online III joined the graphic work to provide a world class vision quality in the game. What’s more, with the unique Time-line Battle Mode and a Built-in Trading System, the game itself is such a fun title to play. The game was jointly published by Seasun Games and Xiaomi since July 2015, now is alive on both App Store and Google Play.

Started at Top 1 for over 5 days and remained Top 5 for the next 2 weeks. Marketing budget: $20m.

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