Developing Future Tech for Next-Gen Games

Our top-notch team of experienced game developers is currently preparing to take the world by storm with an upcoming AAA, next-generation, Action MMORPG. Seasun achieves its visions by creating proprietary advanced technologies and tools for the production of our games with the help of creative minds from all around the world.

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Seeking a mobile games publisher? We should talk!

Our company aims to create excitement and passion in the general public for the next generation of mobile games. We want YOU to be a part of our global vision as we expand into the North American and European mobile gaming markets.

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In the Spotlight: Hardly Heroes

We offer hungry and ambitious mobile game developers the support they need to distribute their beloved games around the world. If we rate your game high enough, it might even be selected to become our next flagship product.

For example, we’re hard at work supporting one of our developers to finalize a midcore RPG called Hardly Heroes. We’re helping them prepare for launch in North America. We run focus groups and usability tests on a wide range of hardware specifications. We organize and finance their user acquisition and game optimization. When we’re done, then we launch… and then the long haul actually begins!

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Hardly Heroes Characters

Blazing Trails of Fun & Adventure

Founded in 1995, Seasun is China’s very first computer gaming developer, part of the $19 billion dollar Kingsoft Group. We’re now expanding around the world… to promote your games!

Here at Seasun, we believe strongly in the power of vision to mold and shape our destiny. A deeply-held dream in our hearts can drive us to achieve wondrous things. Then, when we join our dreams together, and pursue them with fervor and integrity, we bond with others through our shared efforts. We become a family.

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Seasun is Expanding!

So here we are in Redwood City, California. It’s been an incredible adventure to get here, but it’s time to embark on our newest quest — create the best games the West has ever seen. We’re actively recruiting top talent from all over the world to help us thrill our fans. We’re ready for the challenge; are you?